De Buitenhof

In the middle of summer, on Sunday 9th of August, in a big barn called De Buitenhof, in the middle of a Dutch field in Bedum, MezzopTrio took their audience to the Middle East, to Mesopotamia. It was such an exceptional moment to play live for an audience again, to communicate with music and melodies after many long months of lockdown. One Facebook user ‘Alexandra’ described her experience like this:

“I went to a concert today. In a barn. In the middle of nowhere. It was set up very well: well ventilated space, with seating spaced out appropriately and people behaving impeccably in terms of social distancing. I felt completely safe. It was a fabulous concert too. It was surprising (in a good way!). West meets East; classical meets jazz meets modern, alongside more traditional pieces. Beautifully arranged, well put together programme and professionally done. I am so glad I put aside my fears and went. I was thoroughly entertained. Bravo Karoun, Rani and Setareh, MezzopTrio”.

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